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Hi Med,
Sometimes a brief sojourn can focus the attention.

I will follow your instructions and rebuild my ETBC. The current ETBC certainly generates energy. I just need to clear up a couple of points. My ETBC doing the 2F=2*((1/ pi* sq root LC ) gives me 60.7khz for resonant frequency. I can get close to this through mazzilli at 9kv! This indicates to me that ETBC is frequency dependent upon voltage input?And, the wave is quite stable. Have not been able to adjust ETBC frequency using capacitor. Also, I am blowing up 20kv ceramic caps too much with heat. I am using the configuration for entry to ETBC via caps at either node. Also, I have wound two coils one straight coil the other CW and CCW with centre earth connection. I am getting very little actual energy transfer, which is likely poor ratio coupling. It is difficult to measure ETBC! If I use low voltage pulse, I get the impression that ETBC thinks it is bedtime! Low voltage is sending it to sleep.

I have located some polypropylene sheet locally. .32mm thickness which is giving me good ETBC response. No punch through. And cheap $5 a sheet.

I am mindful that Don used the negative going pulse extensively, and I cannot quite see how the ETBC fits into the Don Smith Paradigm. What I am seeing is a developed bifilar coil that generates a massive amount of internal energy. Perhaps, I should make larger ETBC and fit an energy sucking coil internally? First, though I must reconcile the resonating of the ETBC, I am sure when I get that, a lot of other variables will fall into place!


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