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QE MAX from the ECB,,, Illinois, Ford, GM,, GE

There is a wonderful new method of energy storage that uses CO2 as a primary material.
"So far, the process has been shown to convert about 42 percent of the electricity from a power source into a chemical form that can be used in fuel cells."
42%, marvellous.

Margaret Thatcher managed to keep GB out of the monetary union. This should make Brexit easier. Not surprisingly, the House of lords has sided with the City of London bankers in trying to block Brexit. BOJO is no slouch and, things are going to get bloody.
9/09 Boris Johnson’s Brexit carnage – New Yorker
9/09 Boris and Farage could crush Labour in election – Express

9/09 Toxic nanoparticle air pollution found in human brain tissue – Natural Society
What a surprise?? The 10th cranial nerve (Vagus nerve) carries nutrients & poison alike from the gut and, past the blood-brain barrier.
9/09 Australia deploys world’s first law to fight online extremism – Zero Hedge
All the wankers in politics are tired of being ridiculed.
"A man wearing an "I'm with stupid" T-shirt has been charged with public nuisance during campaigning for the Queensland state election. Judi Jabour witnessed the incident and tweeted that she saw at least 10 police, one paddy wagon and two vehicles turn up at Brunswick Street to arrest Fogerty.
Fogerty was seen standing next to people campaigning for Robert Cavallucci, the state member for Brisbane central and Assistant Minister for Multicultural Affairs, "

9/07 Porsche’s 750 hp Tesla-killer has landed… and Elon is getting nervous – Zero Hedge
Marvellous, how many people do you know that can safely drive a car with 750 hp?

9/09 Lagarde says `highly accommodative policy’ is warranted by ECB – Yahoo
9/09 Time for shock and awe: five questions for the ECB – Reuters
9/09 Germany considers ‘shadow budget’ to circumvent national debt rules – Reuters

Italy circumvented the budget rules by telling the ECB to "get stuffed"
France got around the the national debt rules by just ignoring them.
9/09 ‘Super Mario’ Draghi set to ride again – Bloomberg
He's just trying to survive to the end of his term. LaGarde is trying to pave the way for her term.
The printing presses will be humming. Existing capital will flee. The more that the ECB prints, the more that GB and U.S. will attract capital. It won't go to the sovereign bond market because of Armstrong's warnings. The corporate bond market is exceedingly ugly too. Regardless of stock markets being in the nosebleed zone, they may still go higher.

9/09 The shale boom has turned to bust: producers slashing budgets & production goals – ZH
9/09 Oil prices and the coming financial ‘ice age’ – Resiience

Time to call up Russia for oil.

9/09 New questions on Chinese GDP and solvency as SOE’s told to “pay bills on time” – Mish
9/09 Chinese exporters get a taste of the misery to come – Bloomberg
9/09 China’s trade with US shrinks as tariff war worsens – AP
9/09 China adds 100 tons of gold to its reserves in just 9 months – Kitco
9/09 The China silver wildcard & what’s next for the silver price – SRSrocco Report

China, like Germany was on a silver standard for a long time. Germany went off the silver standard when The Comstock Lode was found in Nevada.

9/09 World’s worst bad-loan mess set to worsen on India’s cash crunch – Bloomberg
India banks stressed debt ratio may exceed 12% of the total ,,, A prolonged shadow-banking crisis
Ah yes, the shadow banking system.
9/09 Globalization hits a brick wall named Trump – Real Investment Advice
Trump is trying to pull America back from the road to revolution.

ZH FBI Given Evidence Of Clinton-Linked Libya Scheme; Instead Launched Trump-Russia Quagmire.

Illinois' Record $47 Billion Loss Ignored By Mainstream Media. Why?
Instead of clear reporting on Illinois' greatest loss ever, we’ve seen perhaps the most glaring example yet of how the state’s finances can be misunderstood, misreported and intentionally distorted.

Crashing Angel: Moody's Downgrades Ford, And Its $84 Billion In Debt, To Junk
No less than $84 billion in debt is affected, making Ford the single biggest fallen angel in the US bond market.
Markopolos: GE Is “Bankruptcy Waiting To Happen”
General Motors And General Electric Highlight The Ponzi Scheme That Is The US Economy
9/09 Latest trade war causalities: more than 10,000 layoffs in August – Reason
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