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Brain in the cloud

UGH, I absolutely can NOT read 178 pages of posts to see if my topic of interest has been covered.
Here goes.
David Adair was a child prodigy who designed a fusion rocket engine. Much impressed, the big brass took him to examine a damaged spacecraft at area 51 with a similar engine. He deduced that the craft was controlled by "brain waves".
Fast-forward and, the military is spending tons of money to develop brain-controlled tech for military hardware.

" Technologies linking human consciousness to any sort of a cloud computing service could not just open the way for totalitarian mind control, but destroy the very essence of human relations, philosopher Slavoj Zizek says.

A computer that can read the thoughts of many people at once would make normal human life impossible, the Slovenian cultural philosopher told RT in the wake of the World Artificial Intelligence (AI) Conference in Shanghai"
"Our brain being connected to a machine is not a utopia
What I am studying now is the so-called phenomenon of wired brains, a possibility of our brains being connected with strong digital machines. And that is not a utopia. In the media lab at MIT, Massachusetts, they already have simple machines like that. It is like a helmet, nothing intrusive, they put it on your head.

And then something horrible happens - I saw the video - you think certain thoughts, you do not say anything, and the machine reproduces them either in writing or with artificial voice."

"As you probably know, modern technology theorists Ray Kurzweil and Melanie Swan called it a new form of divinity.
It will no longer be a transcendent God but all of us sharing our thoughts through some AI cloud system. Millions of people will be participating together in a new form of awareness. I find this prospect pretty horrifying.
We are entering a post-human era if computers can identify & share a person’s thoughts"
"Thought ‘transparency’ is biggest threat to our freedom today"

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