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Hi there buddy,
Have discovered the importance of the dielectric separator for the ETBC!! Here are some shots of my "Success". Very noisy though. This set up is not tuned yet, although I have had 98uT out of it, which makes it pretty darn god. The photos just show the basic set up as per the Mohammed.pdf with the exception that I can only get the output keeping the spark across CD. If I close this and advance to last details in pdf,I get dismal spark with hissing sound not the big thunderclap sound. My wife keeps shouting what is that noise! Hmmm.... Need to quieten it down some how. Happy wife happy life.

Unfortunately bright spark is suffocating camera lens. Will see if I can get a clearer picture of the brightness and strength of the spark.

Could not understand the Arabic on the above facebook link, even with English selected.


Edit: Not across CD but AB. Enter ETBC through CD. Also, caps do give good running. without caps, gets bit jerky!
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