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I didn't mean to offend you . . .
your post seemed too abstract to me . . .
subjects were mixed . . . .
I lost the subject that

Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
. . . what I see is another energy field, call it quantum if you like,
and that field of energy imposes itself on ours
like a shadow does upon pavement.
Now is that or is it not the basic idea behind Quantum Physics?
more concrete . . .
the quantum energy-field (E=h*f) imposes itself on ours (EM) field
This is the basic idea of Quantum Physics / QED /

Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
You have not made a point with these arguments
about the behavior of inertia.
the reason of inertia
a) Newton's inertia - different EXTERNAL force
b) Einstein's inertia - E=Mc^2.
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