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“For those skilled in the art”

As you well know, to become skilled in the art you have to build the machines to understand exactly what Tesla means.

The patents are written like a riddle to only make sense to those who build and become skilled in the art.

That is Jeremiah and Dr Guy Wilson who are my research partners based in Idaho.

I am based in Plymouth, England.

The most recent discovery has got to be the most significant of all!

When the Tesla pump rim reaches Mach 0.7 it becomes a four stroke engine.

The four stroke happening is one direction along the spiral path.

Suck at the inlet

Compression along the spiral path

Power at the periphery as the air phase changes into cloud and the viscosity jumps 85 times

Exhaust out of the volute casing

The simplest heat engine that could ever exist.

No pistons, vanes, blades, buckets, valves, oil, filters, seals, cams, gaskets, coolant, breather, servicing and soon the bearings will be omitted when I figure out Tesla’s air bearing design!

Adding the turbine is mechanical alchemy as the turbine is a condenser (capacitor).

Then we can pump air to water! Gallons a minute!

Also the two shafts rotating at different speeds become Tesla’s 1889 dynamo!
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