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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
So what i think you are saying in the past 5-10 posts is that the Sav
generator uses reactive power and your generator also uses reactive
power, so in this regard the SAV generator and your generator are the
same????? My Russian/English is terrible
I don't think the latest SAV model uses a reactive component, for basic current generation. Reactive power? (actually self-induction) can be used for recovery purposes. The problem is that the parameters of the induction pulse and self-induction differ not only in characteristics, but also in the time interval. The main source is Faraday induction. Bifilar I use, for better maintenance of the induction process. I highly recommend not to generalize terms and concepts, we are interested in the potentials and strength. The designer needs accurate settings, not medium to build the device. The planned system generation in my design is a cross between pulse Converter, savingaccount retention with increasing induction. I plan to obtain a smooth hysteresis of the magnetic field and, accordingly, the current component.

My English is worse. In order to translate I need to change the philosophy.
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