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if there are those types of alternators with neodymiums
I removed the coil and the frame from a car alternator and placed two 20 mm x 20 mm x 10 mm neodymium magnets on the stator as inductors, and left the rotor coil as a generator.
I turned it around 1500 rpm, what I achieved was to turn on a LED bulb, I tested it with a 12-volt, 1.5 amp filament car. and I can't give it light
I have to put more magnets.
but I have to think about an improvement of the structure, when I put the magnets first I glued them to the armor, but when I wanted to center and put the frame in its place, it would come off.
I do not let myself be defeated, the magnets hold them with a sheet, screw them to the frame and if only I can assemble the alternator.
I wanted to get him to turn on the car focus, but it was not achieved, only the LED.
Then I send them the photos.
the generation took it from the rotor, through the connectors of the coals, I have to put another pair of magnets to turn on the filament bulb, I hope so.
I comment on this, because I have seen that everything we share helps us move forward, evaluate, estimate, improve prototypes, we learn from everyone, and I have seen in this forum that there are very active and experienced colleagues and share their projects and help with your information
thanks to everyone
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