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Originally Posted by alexelectric View Post
thanks for your information
it is seen that it is an interesting project
and the interesting thing is to have a generator that helps us save energy expenditure
in your source project
you say that you will make three types of generators
thanks for the info

I also have another question Mr. Rakarskiy on his book page shows a video of a generator called
Free Energy Systems Round-the-clock impulse, battery charging
I would like to know how to build it, and if it comes in one of your books, or how to have the information to do it
Thank you for sharing your experience and knowledge.
All those Autonomous household systems I know, generating them goes to the battery, only with the battery through the inverter to the outlets. A similar system that I do in the project. By the way, the information is, for example, in the system of Karl Lutter. There is no need to build a 7.2 kW generator, 1.5-2 kW generation per battery is enough, to cover domestic needs. Batteries do not need large enough to have stock to cover peak consumption, taking into account generation.
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