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Originally Posted by Pot h[SIZE="3"
ead;320169]So the 900 volts reduced to 220 would be 44 amps or 120 at 88 amps roughly.

Yup I guess so I didn't run the figures yet. Here is what came to mind.
The write up states that the generator runs at four hundred hertz yet
the whole box converts it to sixty hertz. So the military could use it
at four hundred and the home owner can use the sixty.

Then I thought "not bad" he has nine hundred volts ac at eleven amps
so a person will have to find a converter to change the voltages to what
they need. Pretty expensive converter if done right a transformer
would cut off thirty percent.

It is a start. I know factories use four forty here in the states. So
everybody gets a piece of the pie. That rating is what he calls a
ten kw
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