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Originally Posted by aljhoa View Post
The multicultural sick joke of UFO's hidden behind the black hand of criminal corporations whose pretend national security apparatchik's in the intelligence branches have ruled by blackmail, espionage, secrecy, weaponized religion, and supported by their own accomplice main stream propagandist to bring terror, darkness in education, and mass murder to the American People as well as the rest of the planet. Evidently without exception. The only real question seems to be if it's the proxy state of Israel which is fronting for them. Would make sense given the Nazi origins of saucer technology because in the end the Jewish State and it's people seemed to have been incorporated in to a grand design of massive destruction; designed to once more become the final victims, and by their own hands, which naturally makes it all the richer if you're a Nazi. In the End can one even conceive of Israel as anything other than what Nazi Germany had become?

If I can continue my own thread without further pretense I can explain some fundamentals such that the people on this forum, if they are willing, should be able to deduce and further improve upon such basic designs as the Alexey, which is a kind of fortuitous development in that it seems to represent a missing link to the creation of these machines, and by doing so can then support the allegation that we are all victims of a massive scheme.

There is no question that the Jewish State has the upper hand and the only real question is whether or not a criminal cabal is still ruling who has no alliance to our nation. Hard to see why it would given that the technology it now possesses gives it at least interstellar capability, and possibly intergalactic capability, which would naturally mean they have only followed the history of the European Empires by a reverse means of abandoning the home planet and thereby making it a mere colony for exploitation.

Government by Blackmail
"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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