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It has taken me many years to assemble a complete picture. To make sense out of a fractured puzzle involving serial killings, which by the way are ritual killings, and to connect the missing and recovered murdered to the labyrinth which is manifestly behind the unexplained. I never intended that when I began trying to figure out the McCandlish illustration that it would lead to where it has taken me, but the true detective must let the evidence guide the investigation and then to link the inexplicable to a whole logical explanation, which however unlikely it may seem is the only sensible whole and complete answer. I have now gone in a complete circle and found that all of it is tied to the great error of harboring Nazi Doctors and Nazi Scientists.

When we took in the Nazi Scientists we took them all in, including the Nazi Doctors and their perfection of trauma based mind control. That in itself is probably way to enticing to be left in the hands of a government filled with covert secret agencies, and of course how to do this is wide spread public knowledge so it's no mystery, but that was only half the story, the other half of the story was anti-gravity. I believe the best picture to look at to understand the big picture is the one below. Wernher von barun is third from the right on the step. These are some of the Nazi Scientists that were taken back to America in operation paperclip. Their own hand made sign tells the story; a saucer emblazoned with the swastika, with each end pointing to either side, and on either side the oxen yokes indicating whoever owns them they work for, but to the Reich they swear allegiance, hence the swastika.

down with murder inc

People laughed and made jokes about cattle being abducted but if you go digging you will find there are in fact two recording of cattle being lifted in to the air. Overhead is a dim bubble like field of light, as though it were a cloud of some kind, but like it might possibly be a cloud of infared light. In addition there are reports of cattle literally disappearing and or being dumped in very close proximity to people only a few yards away.

Jerry Bayles has formulated how a tractor beam would work.

It is painfully obvious that what is before us is much more dangerous and criminal than anyone has yet to fully appreciate. In the interview by David Paulides we have young men disappearing in broad daylight with people in the area, with their girl friend literally around the corner, a virtual impossibility by any reasonable sense of logic. Such an event has to have a logical and rational explanation.

We have a long and amazing story involving mind control that is untold for the greater part, and we have the entirely denied story of antigravity which has been papered over using brainwashed victims whom believe they have been abducted and or in contact with aliens.

We the people of planet earth have a coalition of corrupt intelligence branch's who have partnered with certain others, some pretending to be "official-doom." and whom are directly involved in these crimes of abduction and murders. That is the logical conclusion and not alien abduction.

There is zero doubt in my mind that a powerful and wealthy organization has been created which has been looting and murdering on a planetary scale to feed an off world civilization which began with the perfection of antigravity machines and which has progressed to, well, to nearly God like abilities. The only really logical explanations for these abductions and murders is to collect genetic material and which must be part of a comprehensive effort to create a tiered evolutionary path by intervention. One which is to be slave sub-human species and the other to be the master race of supermen.

There can be no other rational conclusion. Any other explanation is simply diversionary, active denial, or delusional.
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