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This month july 2019

Motor Generator

Generator running on 100% hydrogen HHO

In this video I demonstrate my 4400 watt generator running on HHO Hydrogen only.
The Gasoline has been shut off, and the generator continues to run for
about an hour. Please keep in mind that the generator was already
running for about 35 mins prior with the gas off, but my phone battery
died while i was taping so i switched cameras so this is the second
camera video.
I show a drill running as well while as a load.

The power consumption is about 500 Watts to run the 4400 watt

The battery you see on the floor is for the electric start, and as you
can see part way though the video it decided to unhook itself and the
generator was rolling away a bit.

I believe the generator shut off due to the over heating of the
circulation pump, as it was extremely hot to the touch.

More tests to come, and I will remove the gas tank for future

Looks good so far

Please dont attempt to replicate this unless you have tons of
experience in working with hydrogen, as it is highly explosive.

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