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Originally Posted by Marcus Neuhof View Post
This makes a great deal of sense. One question -- by M you presumably mean mutual inductance, but what do you mean by K? Surely not the dielectic constant?

In general, please do post updates here in this thread when you are updating your blog. I think that many people do not check your website regularly and would otherwise miss them.
Hi Marcus,

By L, C, M, and K, I am referring to the four different forms by which energy can be stored in a winding, consistent with Eric Dollard's models for the electric and magnetic fields of induction:

L = Inductance in Henry.
M = Mutual Inductance, per Henry.
C = Capacitance in Farad.
K = Mutual Capacitance, per Farad.

Yes I can update this thread when I release relevant posts on my website. Since I wrote last I have added the following posts:

Parts 1 and 2 of the Spark Gap Generator:

Spark Gap Generator - Part1 | AMInnovations

Spark Gap Generator Measurements – Part2 | AMInnovations

A review and analysis of a 1920s H.G. Fischer Daithermy Unit:

1920s H.G. Fischer Diathermy Unit | AMInnovations

And my latest post is a write-up of the endeavour that emerged at the ESTC 2019 conference after Eric Dollard's demonstration and presentation of the Colorado Springs experiment. There was an endeavour to retune and operate the Colorado Springs demonstration from one of the MWO generators, (multiwave oscillator spark gap generator). There is a video of Eric Dollard and I working together to measure and retune the system, and then running the system to show interesting Tesla related phenomena. The post also includes additional schematics and impedance measurements of the overall experiment from both before and after modification to work with the MWO generator:

ESTC 2019 - Tesla's Colorado Springs Experiment | AMInnovations

Best wishes,

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