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yes hurts my brain too

Grum and I have been struggling to grasp this ...your thoughts
do give more focus ...and are greatly appreciated .

but I have to confess I am still pondering the reasons for the question too
EA is not a sadist...he does and has shared way more than I or Grum can absorb .

There is something about the "annular gap" buoyancy and the gravity field
as it applies to mass manipulation ?
and Vacuum or establishing a nullification of atmospheric pressure by
utilizing this vacuum which manifests at times in these systems.
to cycle when it should not cycle...[the holy grail ?]

IMO you should post your idea ? the nice thing is the ITP [original thread
Poster Cadman] can ask us to remove or whatever ...

nice feature of this Venue IMO

also will try to post a quick link To EA open source work here or get a PDF ?

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