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A fun idea

Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
"what is the weight of a liter of water in a vacuum at sea level on Earth "
What an intriguing question.

The phrase 'sea level' is a shorthand to allow the presumption of atmospheric pressure being 14.5psi.

The 'weight of water' presumes containment (how else would you weigh it?)

As we are presuming the presence of atmosphere, 'in a vacuum' implies the contained litre of water is within a vacuum container.

The implied presence of a vacuum container defeats 'sea level'. The weight of a litre of water would be the same in the vacuum container irrespective of its altitude. Unless the vacuum container is so distant from the effect of gravity to discount its effect.

A further twist to this notion is, a vacuum is the absence of matter, which is demonstrably incorrect in the question which includes the presence of one litre of water.

A fun idea though.
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