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Originally Posted by HuntingRoss View Post
Some links for the heart topic -

Google - The heart is not a pump and you will find a lot of info for consideration.

Also of interest might be Viktor Schauberger's vortex copper pipe. It induces a temperature differential between the inside and outside.
Interesting read. Rudolf Steiner's name pops up alot, Ill have to do a deeper dive on him. This matches up very well with the book of cosmology and prophecy within the Oahspe text. It essentially says everything is a held together by vortexes within the ether, and it has pictures that look identical to Ken Wheelers 'Uncovering The Missing Secrets of Magnetism' despite being written in 1880. Book of Cosmology and Prophecy: Chapter I

Ill have to re-research viktor schauberger, i thought he was just into water vortexes and implosions, and I didn't know he created a vortex copper pipe.
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