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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post

Here are the things obviously demonstrated:
boost am reception
flame speaker
golden ratio impulse flame
field intensity
neutral spot
tentacle discharge
Tesla's rotating brush (in tip of plasma tube)
500 watt bulb

Stuff not obvious is:
The neutral spot is the gateway into counterspace
The transmission from transmitter to receiver is extralunimal - outside of the so-called light speed constraints erroneously tied to electricity.
Violation of Ampere's Law
Violation of Conservation of Energy
few other things...
I will hold off uploading the video of the last segment of the Dollard demo (the segment that demonstrated the one wire 500 watt light bulb) until the end of next week; a big thanks to you Aaron for filling in the details - much of that came back to me after I read the above a couple of times.

Anyway, I have attached 3 pics. Two pics depict the twin antenna arrangement (about 20 feet apart) and the third shows the spark emitted by the receiving antenna in the radio receiving mode.

I do hope that the Dollard video presentation has a clip in it of the/an actual demonstration. If not, we will work out a plan B - way too cool and important to neglect. In any case the ESTC video is on my list.

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