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Originally Posted by yaro1776 View Post
..........there were at least 30-40 people there doing the same thing with their cell phones. Surprised that none of this has surfaced as yet on the web or forums.

Need someone way more fluent in the demo details to fully explain the happenings.
Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
share their demo videos about a week after we release the presentation, which is coming Thursday. Hopefully, everyone can give credit in the video the conference and our websites.

The next presentations to be released after this will be both presentations by Dr. James DeMeo - you can get either one or in a combo at a deeper discount. These may be avail next Tuesday or possibly sooner.
Sounds like few people can grasp this tech, so maybe a book will help.
Thx 4 your help guys, guess no one on youtube will demo this for another
100 years. To bad for us. Until people can see a demonstration it won't
catch on for a number of years after that so figure 10 years from the

Unless someone knows where there is a video I missed, of the basics?

I will be looking on with doubt. Sorry but that is the way it feels.
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