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Here is a shot of what makes up my copy of Tesla's Mk2 rotor from British Patent 186,082

The things I've copied from the patent:

a) 13 Discs and 2 tapered end plates
b) Bevel on discs starting from tips of star washers to edge of disc
c) Double flow rotor - Centre solid disc
d) 8 tip star washers
e) Symmetrical axle design
f) Axle pressed end design
g) High grade steel
h) The exact shapes of the all parts scaled to 5" rotor traced from the patent
i) 8 port holes per disc

Here is another shot of the axle:

I am just preparing the discs to fit on the key ways on the axle. Fiddly job but looking good.

I will post some pictures when it has been assembled.
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