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Tesla transmission

Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
Thanks Aaron hey

I think everybody has this question:

#1 Does the energy travel like FM or
in a straight line so if anything is in between the line of fire or line
of sight (as they say) does this cause harm to living organisms???

#2 If antenna's (if used) are point to point transfer do devices
in between pick up noise or interference???

Thank you for your hard work and kindness toward Eric. Shows me
things people do not see about you as a person.

Seems like you have a heart of greatness. No shock to me.
It is in the AM band and does not cause harm to living organisms. The scale model is about 850kc.

It would be a ground receiver tuned to that frequency. If anything is transmitting on that same frequency, there may be some interference. That would be a question for Eric.

I can tell you this - by connecting a weak AM station to the Tesla Magnifying Transformer tuned to that frequency, the signal becomes stronger and all AM receivers can pick up the station much stronger even if by EM waves through the air.
Aaron Murakami

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