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Originally Posted by David G Dawson View Post
TMT Gravity/Inertia:

I didn't realise that the Gravity/Inertia paper by Petkov wouldn't be attached in this medium so have provided the URL:

Have presented this testimony on the TMT by Ernst a week before the 2019 ESTC so that it may aid in digesting what Eric will present at the Conference as it is simply coming from another direction.

If Eric is going to present the full construction details of the TMT I will surely be in line for the first print as it comes off the press. Most impressed by the build so far - we are all still only Artists at this point.

During the build of the Crystal Set Initiative (CSI), I was a little taken aback by the lack of response to my observation that I was able to receive a signal off the Extra Coil at a distance of about 21" away from the coil using high impedance headphones on a 3" silver faced RF capacitor plate as the receiver. Nobody made comment and this was using no external power source other than the telluric connection which we could assume to be near zero volts. So then what would happen if this is then pulsed with the Dollard Pulser at 600 V dc, what distance could I expect to be removed from the device to again hear the signal in the headphones?

Food for thought.

That all sounds very interesting but your previous post was talking about "Flat Earth" theories and it seems like you have not bothered to take the most elementary steps (like taking an international flight) to verify these theories for yourself... maybe worth doing?
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