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Originally Posted by Aaron View Post
It's technically one-wire, which represents the Earth connection - the Earth is the one wire in Tesla's system.

He's demonstrated these methods for decades.

What's different this year is that this is a true 20:1 scale model replica of exactly what Tesla did at Colorado Springs.

We're going to take it to full power of a few thousand watts next time and some other goodies we're going to show.
Thanks Aaron hey

I think everybody has this question:

#1 Does the energy travel like FM or
in a straight line so if anything is in between the line of fire or line
of sight (as they say) does this cause harm to living organisms???

#2 If antenna's (if used) are point to point transfer do devices
in between pick up noise or interference???

Thank you for your hard work and kindness toward Eric. Shows me
things people do not see about you as a person.

Seems like you have a heart of greatness. No shock to me.

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