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Flowing Conductive Liquid Heart Pump Coil

I'm a computer programmer that dabbles in electrical engineering/tinkering(poorly) during my free time so please be gentle if I got any of the following concepts wrong.

I was watching a video on the human heart and it occurred to me that a coil made in the shape of the human heart would be a neat thing to try.

I figured I would need 2 small circular tubes, and then connect hundreds of copper wire to each tube. Then twist once, fold and reconnect the tubes at the top so it is in the shape of a human heart(like the video), one tube is input, one output.

I was all set to make that coil, but then it occurred to me, blood contains iron which is a conductive metal (among other things), and it is constantly moving, perhaps the reason for this is not simply to transport oxygen throughout the body, but to create an electric current through induction. The heart essentially operates as a pump for the blood, well I propose that it also works as a sort of electric coil. I've noticed that nature does things in the best possible way already. Therefore I hypothesize that a coil using a liquid conductive solution running through many insulated wires (blood vessels) to form a 'rope' then twisted and folded to form a heart shaped 'pump coil' will work more efficiently and productively than a simple copper wire coil. If the human heart performs the job of the pump and the coil at once, perhaps the same could be true for conductive liquid flow through a heart shaped 'pump coil'.

In other words would a liquid conductive solution flowing within insulated wires, twisted, and folded in the shape of a heart pump, work better than a conventional copper wire coil? The flow is the key difference. At first I thought, how would I get the liquid conductive solution to flow through the 'heart pump coil' and i began to think my idea was dumb because more resources would be needed to get the liquid solution to flow. Then it dawned on me that this could be done with induction in the conductive liquid wires. It would work like a induction motor, once the liquid begins flowing, it would flow until power was cut off from the coil. And once the liquid conductive solution starts moving it would require no more extra energy because it will essentially be moved through induction and the initiation of the heart pump. This also made me wonder if a flowing and electrified liquid conductive solution would have similar properties as moving a magnet near a copper coil (magnetic induction). If so then it would mean electricity could be produced by the coil simply by flipping the coil on...

TLDR: Has anyone experimented or thought of using a flowing liquid conductive solution shaped in a coil like structure? My intuition is telling me that this would work more efficiently than any coil in existence(it could essentially be a coil and a source of electricity, once started it could require no input electricity because of the nature of pumps and coils).
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