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independent upper shafts

Originally Posted by gotoluc View Post
Hi Aaron,

I posted the picture below at the OU topic on June 14th (some weeks after I had noticed this) if you look closely the upper levers position in the translation plate is not in line with the lower shaft.


This picture brings up an interesting observation. Skinner moves the top weight which rotates the upper shaft. It moves very easily. BUT, how can you rotate just one of the four shafts. The device must be synchronized so that the 4 weights don't crash. The bottom shafts are locked together because there is only one output shaft. The translation plate is locked to the upper shaft and, floats against the lower shaft. But, for Skinner to move one upper weight independently, the 4 upper shafts must be able to rotate independently, Rotation only, NOT position.
If you look at the upper shaft on my machine, I just have the shaft floating freely in an open hole. It's position is controlled but, not it's rotation. It rotates only because the lower weight is constantly falling. This forces rotation. Same for the lower weight / shaft.
So, if Skinner can rotate a weight independent of the other 3 weights / shafts, what kind of a setup would be needed for creating an elliptical orbit and, still allowed the shaft to rotate freely?
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