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Oh Pothead; where art thou that dothst hast lost his way? Poorest lamb let thee guidest thee to safer waters.

Ya know, science is a corrupt religion too. One bent mostly on evil. Thou doest well to unblind thee self so that thou canst seeth Baphomet and his minions evacuated the temples long ago and today live happily unrecognized.

Science is not to be trusted any further than shall we say Jeffery Billionaire Baphomet Epstein, or possibly the entire cult of Billionaire Baphomet's: These are the royalty, the people fools worship and seek to imulate, it is they who control all that we see and hear. It is they who own the science. People are literally worshiping the devils minions these days and don't even know it, so successful has been the transformation that even the pious are clueless that they have no devils of their own to worship any longer, their temples abandoned and crumbling, their crys forsaken, and their world slowly disappearing.

What is Dosist? Why it is a cannabis product based on the science behind the plant. Commited, they claim, to safe, targeted, and effective cannabis-based medicines, and leadest hast thoust by the development of a proprietary delivery device, the dose pen by dosist.

Why allow natural normal delivery when we canst thou profiteer by science?

OK...just messing with you because I love you ya know..

What else was there, oh yes, you want prophecy eh?

"The past is now part of my future, the present is well out of hand." Joy Divison "Heart and Soul LP."

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