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I'm sorry if I've pissed people off but the whole idea that "Scientist's Say" is annoying as all get out; like ya know this is God broadcasting.

I was considering caving in slightly however we are living on Planet Earth, not lost in space, and what then is of significance? If there's a correlation which makes sense of the idea of why we would need to even consider a changed enviroment such as a vacuum chamber then it needs to be explained more clearly.

I do not see the relevance to the application at hand.

When liquid is sucked through the tube over the hump and begins to empty into the other container, a decrease in atmospheric pressure is caused at the highest point in the tube

I'm going to stick to my gun's for now. I still think it's idiotic science because obviously you have gravity on Earth and liquid cohesion is a given, but the final analysis of scientists is that gravity and cohesion are critical in explaining how a siphon works? Well maybe so for the crew of the Jupiter II, but for me here in the USofA it's plain old vacuum pressure.

Just remove the vacuum by drlling a hole in that high point of the tube and then see how important cohesion and gravity are in making a siphon work.
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