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Originally Posted by RAMSET View Post
somebody say Vacuum ?
Member Evolvingape had shared this vid after asking a question.[regarding this topic ...and he is not a naysayer ,quite the opposite.

"what is the weight of a liter of water in a vacuum at sea level on Earth "

EA quote
So regarding the weight of a liter of water in a vacuum at sea level on Earth what fluid is the water displacing in a vacuum and therefore what is the buoyancy force?

It can't be the same apparent weight as air or water gives can it?

to note Evolvingape is helping some of us who have issues with
wrapping our heads around the math the medium and the whatifs..
towards a happy ending to benefit humanity..

BTW the simple siphon "snip"above.. was his contribution,and honestly
flying droplet siphons and carbon dioxide gas siphons
or whatever...
just paying attention here and grateful for the lessons.

I believe the idea of manipulating Mass in the gravity field an amazing area to explore.

Chet K
I understand Ramset.

Falling weight of water in a tube = vacuum. That's one thing, moving weight by way of a motional fluid is quite another, and water is not so sticky that it can be pulled like a chain, or like glue, nor is it sticky enough to explain away a siphon as something so simple as linked chains. The idea is absurd. You can't pull a stick out of water, toss it over a wall, and thereby drain the swimming pool.

A tube enables a vacuum to be formed because fluids enable seals. The vacuum is what gives water it's cohesion in a tube and so that it can operate as a connected chain. We know this because the next way to move water is by capillary action. Water has to have either a guide which makes bonds as in capillary action or else a tube with a vacuum. That's my understanding.

I could be wrong of course about there being a requirement for a vacuum, but so far as I know a vacuum is the product of a siphon's action, and is what it takes to move water up and over the rim of a bucket. A suction does remain present at the pickup indicating that a vacuum is present in the siphon line when the siphon is running. I don't see any of that being addressed.
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