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Sorry Gambeir, but your post doesn't make any sense.

You start out by saying that gravity is the way a siphon works but then later you claim that vacuum is what makes it work. And you bashed the post prior to yours, but then explained how a siphon works with a description that is almost identical to the one in the post you bashed. And obviously there is more to how a siphon works than just vacuum because as posted in the prior post a siphon still works even when the whole siphon is in a vacuum.

It should be clear to anyone that has used or worked with siphons that gravity is the primary force that makes a siphon work. The weight of the water pulling down on the output side of the siphon has to be greater than the weight of the water being pulled up into the siphon tube.

But the cohesion of the water does play an important part in the operation. If you try to make a siphon with a very large tube the water will separate as it comes out of the tube and allow air into the tube which will stop the siphon action. In a smaller tube the cohesion of the water prevents this from happening.

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