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Honestly, scientists or idiots, because I'm not sure the former fits. I had no idea that any other explanation for how a siphon works even existed other than by gravity. Totally crazy theorizing but greatful and amused for the trouble.

Above all else suction is what defines a siphon. A siphon is a gravity powered suction device, I can't really say motor, but something near enough that it might be seen as such. I didn't see any reference to the concept of a vacuum in the entire litany of retarded thinking. Thanks for the extreme effort it must have taken to put in writing the idea's of the truly mentally incompetent.

These people seemed to have asked every possible combination of question in trying to understand a simple siphon except the most important one. Like say for example how a vacuum works. Good God, seriously stupid; I mean the closest any of them got was by some convoluted logic in applying Bernoulli's principle by way of atmospheric pressure change, a highly dubious concept in it's own right, especially considering that would mean it's possible to levitate a bucket of water by way of a siphon, at least if I read the logic to that one correctly.

How a siphon works is not a mystery, except evidently to contemporary self proclaimed scientists, and God help all of us if these are actually certified rubber stamped and tagged one's. Just imagine having your kid get a PHD in physics and not even be able to grasp the basics of how a siphon works. Well there's a 100K well spent huh? Christ Sakes the thinking is just otherworldly.

First you have to have a vacuum to make a siphon, and the vacuum is enabled by there being a tube, then you have to have enough vacuum in the tube to draw the liquid up and over the highest point: So long as vacuum is maintained, and there is moving fluid in the fall, then the fluid being siphoned will continue to move up and over the high point. The vacuum is maintained by the fact that the feed end is immersed in liquid and must remain immersed in liquid for the siphon to continue working. The vacuum is the motive force driving the siphon and created by the fluid moving on the fall side of the siphon. This moving fluid must be greater in volume than the water it raises above the high point.

Weight, balance, and fulcrum point: Why have they made this so absurdly confusing other than to use this sort of guile to make a buck by making the absurd seem a mystery?
Alternatively, maybe this is like a covert IQ test to see how dumbed down and mind controlled people are? I mean you got "Scientists" telling you these things; must be true huh?
This is truly a case of being blinded by science. With this kind of idiocy polluting the mainstream the future of that profession is seriously in doubt.

Thanks for posting that BTW and I don't think it sidetracks anything either. Well worth reading through I think, mainly because of what it illustrates as supposed scientific thought, I just hope none of them are getting tax payer dollars to study how a siphon works.
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