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Originally Posted by bistander View Post

Oh well. Maybe next month.

Don't hold your breath, people are just people not machines like
the car companies are machines. I worked on the assembly line.

Dad took me to where the liquid metal mix is poured into sand molds, we both
worked there for a time, he is expired now. The line workers use a lathe
of all version specific flavors, the mechanics finish replace stuff at the end.

During this build upholstering, head liners, steering gear, hvac dash
and electronic panel framework, engine, muffler, trans, rear end, shall
I go on?

The difference here is we are all just one man working all by himself
with very little encouraging help, no one sends money to pay our
bills, mow the grass, fix the car while others work full time at their

Each of us is all alone busy doing the things everyone must do without
any reservation, just regular guys and still our type of people innovate
new breakthrough devices that change the world often beaten out of the
profits after giving all.

We enjoy it, this is our gift.

So if you are waiting to hear back fast on progress let me ask you
how quickly can you build a Go-kart single handedly?Something small
like that, not a car. Oh and still make it to work by 6am.


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