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Tesla Magnifying Transmitter (TMT)

Tesla Magnifying Transmitter TMT:

I bought a Book by Ernst Willem von den Bergh on the above subject and had it read within two hours - "recreating Tesla's Dream".

Two subtle decisions for me emerged from the excellent detective work initiated by the Author:

1. Rain:

How rain is made to fall and what is required to do so, meaning a new Rainmaker is on the table but also a change in the methodology of using the devices that I currently have. Tesla always hinted at frequency and vibration and this now shows that I need both the positive and a negative Ion Generator as a catalyst for rain. I built a positive Ion gun after the negative but never used it but that is what is required - the frequency and vibration side. The unknown here is the size of the apparatus needed but early testing should reveal this consideration. This is also what the CSI could be used for as these tests are under investigation as to what may be required and again, size is of significance.

2. TMT:

The Extra Coil of the TMT is now seen in a different light after building Eric Dollard's 'Crystal Set Intitiative' (CSI) and this will now be reviewed with his 5R4GYB/2050 Thyratron Pulser driving the device. Frequency again of concern in that used by Tesla at 11.77 hertz. A receiver required here and at last the penny dropped as to why Eric also presented his 'Regenerative Magnifying Receiver' (RMR) using the 2C22 which would be used to monitor the transmitted signal some 84.9uS later - the time the signal takes to travel around the Flat Earth. Circumference of the Earth used here 25,470 miles and this operation is easy to clarify using a two channel oscilloscope. This then also will prove the correct Circumference of the Earth. Tesla didn't have these tools in his day.

If Tesla had ever mentioned a Flat Earth in his time he would have been laughed out of society as is still being done today without the accuser doing the slightest amount of research to discover the real truth or at least, something closer to the mark.

I have had to put my Flat Earth studies aside but at this point will bring it all back to the fore as it is now being further questioned by comments made by James Clark Ross in his 'voyage of discovery' of Antarctica in 1839/43and more on all of this later as it unfolds. How can you use a Sextant aimed at the Sun at midnight in late January/February in Antarctica waters to find your position?

One criticism of Ernst in that at the end of the Book in his brief summary of 'Capturing Cosmic Rays', he mentions a thingy called an 'electron' and yet through the entire Book, not one single mention of that thing that doesn't exist in reality. Eric Dollard was also well up on track with the energy contained in Cosmic Rays as my 'Cosmic Ray Detector' is also proving which, to this day, is still the only one in operation from Eric's initiative. A possible source here of the elusive energy required to power an 'Energy Synthesis' device.

Whose reality? Yours if you want to spend the hard yards in time doing the research.

After reading the Book, I then did some digging of my own and you can all have it here for free as it is the same as the Book but covers the subject in much greater detail with much clearer diagrams and pictures:

Just hit the blue 'Download' button.

Further information at 'steemit' from Ernst:

There are a further 8 documents here to download for the full picture.

Further into this is an explanation of what gravity and inertia really are and nothing to do with the corrupted Newton version accepted by controlled society and this from a Russian in Vesselin Petkov which I have attached.

So basically what you now have is all the information from both Eric and Ernst and coming in from different directions which should allow for a further leap into this amazing Tesla technology which is still untamed.


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