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Online Demonstration of fuel-free Magnetic Motor Generator in Italy

Online Demonstration of fuel-free Magnetic Motor Generator in Italy
The Italian company d'ambros FRANCO di D'AMBROS RENZO plans to conduct a three-day online broadcast of the fuel-free generator motor with an output power of 7.5 kW, based on the magnetic motor of the Turkish engineer inventor Muammer Yulduz.
The test provides for continuous operation of the HMSB engine for 3 days (72 hours).

To guarantee the utmost clarity and honesty of the test and in order not to have any dispute on the measurements, the test will consist in in the heating of a water boiler of 1,000 liters. This storage, at 65C will release the water with a well defined thermal jumper.
To read the produced energy, a calories counter to measure the water delivery, the inlet and the outlet temperatures will be connected in order to calculate the produced kW. In addition to the calories counter, a water counter will be also installed so as to have a comparison measure.
Two electric counters, designed to measure the actual kW produced/consumed, will be installed between the power supply from the HMSB Motor and the electric heaters of the storage tank.
All the data will be collected and stored with a data logger and interfaced with a computer for subsequent analysis.

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