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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post

Freeze frame, just snapped your picture.

Now it's off to work and to hear these things thrills me to no end,
16 versions one after another to improve the next and so it will be all
the way up to a factory model.

@skeptics and Drones
Coming soon to a theater near you.

the water cooling is done something like that for PC CPU's and all
sorts of devices. Great job Dave. I have to run for now but this takes
the cake at the start of my day. We will never pass this way again.

The new lab will or should treat you better than the old lab. I hope.
What a lab it was, to be short on meters, what a bunch of slugs. I
found out the many of the high profile agencies like Lab's or Child care
organizations are often a front only for dirty money. A dirty lab has been
told to stonewall all extra energy producing device, patent pending
not included.

In the Child Care spheres of circulation many arrests are underway.
Criminals look good on the surface and have been running companies
for a different purpose than what is stated in the header.
This is probably why you are having an obstacle here and there.
We won't let that bother us.

Patent wars are a mess and hard to get over a decade or two time
period. Thanes patents will be expired before you know it and people
will ask "Thane who"? Remember Don Smith? I do, he was all over
the web in the 90's, history lessen 101

Thane was on the same boards in the beginning and we all learned
from one another as each day posts were made to point in any
given direction.

Thane does not even wind these Tasla Patent coils anymore, he just
uses the concept to attract attention, I see now what he is doing.
I hope he gets a factory model soon.

Everyone learns from everyone on these boards and then it all gets
deleted can't prove a thing, "Its mine Its mine Its All mine"
Don Smith never acted that way but he was entangled with investors
and patents over money.

Freely you have received Freely you gave Dave and keep on giving.
That is the manifestation of YOU. I didn't do that nor did you know
this would happen. It is clear tho. This is the gift.

I have no clue what the hell this tempest in a teapot is really all about but I do sympathize a great deal with what Bro Mikey has said here and elsewhere throughout this thread. As for profiting from invention, and by way of patents, well I think you have be borderline delusional to think that's going to happen. You have to be out of touch to think for one second that a patent on any disruptive technology will avail you one cent, and if it's a big enough money maker, or too disruptive you're gambling with your life and probably the lives of the rest of your family and friends.

It's a fool's errand.

Now then, I muddled through this thread trying to gather what this is all about since doggy posted the image of the coil's.
Optical illusion or magnetic light refraction?

Did I miss it or are there like schematics somewhere to look at?
Also Bro Mikey, why have you got your PM's turned off?
How can I send hate mail if you have your PM's turned off?

Oh...never mind...I see I can message you now.
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