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I'm not sure where to start, made a full detailed explanation of how and why it works, but is in Romanian for now.

This is a small anymation that shows what is going on inside the "wheel", the secret movement that bessler kept talking about:

this animation doesn't have the belt and the chains, it just showcases the spinning of the hammers and the ratchet system.

I will try and attach the cad print screens of the machine, also keep in mind that this is one module, Bessler told us that in order for the machine to work properly it needs more modules, also keep in mind that for the sake of simplicity i've designed this one with a fixed outer wheel , bessler had a counter rotating frame inside the wheel to get the rollers spinning, that drives the belt, that excites the hammers, that moves the ratchet, that loads the springs....etc.

I will do a full explanation at a later date due to time constrains. But anyone that wants to start building and experimenting with it can o so, in the following drawings i give you all you need to do so.

Also, i used 2 chains instead of his original design where he uses 1 chain to avoid doing other parts, his design is a bit better in this regard but i wanted to keep certain things a bit more simple.
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