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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
You have to understand that NONE of these versions of the machine were designed with the intention of going into production. Each version was designed to solve problems that came up in a previous version. I have built like sixteen different versions of this generator. I have video or pictures of all of them either on my phone or on my old computer. They were all built to TEST different ideas and possible improvements. I am still learning, and chances are I will always have SOME version of this machine hanging around to use to charge batteries and such.
there is nothing wrong with going into production or collaborating with an existing entity like that of Thane Heins'. If you can bring valued R&D forward , why not work together? Why not make a ton of money along the way...
If you are efficiently or freely recharging batteries with this already...
why keep it to yourself. Cut a deal, get them out there.
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