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System requirements

Originally Posted by Turion View Post

I think you are talking about the replication of the single battery circuit. When did you EVER replicate ANYTHING of ours with the proper sized battery and a modified Matt motor?

Answer is: you didnít.

Yet you claim it was a replication. LOL

Those were not prerequisites when you posted the circuit and told people to build it. Over the years you have stated neither item was a necessity, just desirable for optimum performance. And what size battery did you use when you ran the circuit? Where's your data? I doubt you ever built it. Matt said he was going to, but never did. You couldn't even tell us what the intended result was for that circuit. But that fact remains that I did replicate it, so it is untrue that I never replicated anything. Several others have replicated your battery systems and Matt's motor. You never like the resulting data so you discredit them and often ridicule them.

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