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Originally Posted by ewizard View Post
As much as I'm sure there are real UFO's and ET's visiting us I take exception to that photo as being a real UFO. With a strong background in photography it looks like nothing but enhanced lens flare. Notice how bright the ground lights are (probably taken at night with the camera shutter open at least 1 or 2 seconds and possibly much longer) and notice how bright of a light seems to be emanating from the lower left side of the picture - directly in line and perpendicular to the object. Looks very much like lens flare from the strong light that is just outside of the picture. A photo showing that much light from the buildings at night has to have a fairly long exposure so if that was a UFO it would have had to be stationary for some time. My opinion ...
Don't misunderstand, I'm not saying this to be an intentional jackass. Trust me you will know when or if that is my intention. Basically you are making conjectures without enough knowledge of what you're actually looking at. I know it all seems sound to you. We all do this, it's our nature, I do the same thing constantly myself but you're stretching the limits of creditable imagination which would never hold up to cross examination in a court room because you're making conjectures based on what you know about photography, and specifically photography of everyday objects, and not conjectures based on a knowledge of photography in conjunction with a knowledge and appreciation for the magnetic field in association with ideas about how a UFO could operate. Those are very significant differences which would greatly change the dynamics of what various cameras might capture.

We aren't looking to explain away the evidence. Just imagine trying to solve a crime with that modus operandi. Evidence may explain away something else but we do not generally try to explain away the evidence itself as a random error.

The image appears to be in motion. There is a blue light indicating a phase shift in the Larmor Frequency, and the issue I personally have is where it's traveling from and not so much how it is traveling. In other words, is it moving through time? The phase shift colors in the magnetic field are red and blue. When you see blue you're looking at one end of a field and conversely when you see red you're seeing another end of the field. Red and Blue are associated with expansion and contraction by some people in regards to whether light is moving towards us or away from us. Some animals can see this phase shift coloration. Evidently it's thought that with the animals that can see the magnetic spectrum of light that it's associated with migration skills. For us the question is are we seeing a time traveler arriving? At least that would be one of my questions based on what I think I understand and can see in the image.

Now to suggest that what is in the image are artifacts of photography when they can be cross correlated with repeatable known data and demonstrated facts surrounding the magnetic field shows you do not understand what you either are viewing or could potentially be viewing. This, and when taken into account that those objections must be combined with the mathematical odds for all of them to join together from singular points, so as to coincide all at the same time to support your point of view, would alone stretch creditable belief all by themselves if presented to a jury, or at least a good attorney could make a lot of hay out it.

Now of course we aren't in a courtroom. The point is to remember, you're not looking at a chair, an airplane, or any other ordinary object. The object makes light, magnetic fields, and very likely some other things as well. If it were to be a fraud then it would have to come from someone with a considerable appreciation of what they were faking and with a specific idea behind it. It positively would not be random chance. I grant you it looks odd alright and there's a reason for it that I think goes considerably beyond photographic artifacts.
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