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Originally Posted by Gambeir View Post
OK, so now maybe we get moving with something more important while you dink around with junk science and it's claims of how things work.


is found here

While a High Def Image is here; Which you might seriously consider saving BTW.

This may be the most informative UFO photo ever taken from what I have seen. It is super HD. It is clearly showing a phase shift and other artifacts as well.
I don't know where this came from. I used tin eye to reverse the search an it shows up in 2014 with the release of CIA Ufo documents. That's all I know, but
it would be hard to deny this is not a real image since it has a some highly visible fields which are clearly connected to EM phase shift.
As much as I'm sure there are real UFO's and ET's visiting us I take exception to that photo as being a real UFO. With a strong background in photography it looks like nothing but enhanced lens flare. Notice how bright the ground lights are (probably taken at night with the camera shutter open at least 1 or 2 seconds and possibly much longer) and notice how bright of a light seems to be emanating from the lower left side of the picture - directly in line and perpendicular to the object. Looks very much like lens flare from the strong light that is just outside of the picture. A photo showing that much light from the buildings at night has to have a fairly long exposure so if that was a UFO it would have had to be stationary for some time. My opinion ...
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