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Originally Posted by vidbid View Post
Physics - What is Relative Density? - YouTube

now consider a density tower..

Amazing 9 Layer Density Tower - Sick Science! #012 - YouTube

Objects at rest are at equilibrium.
Interesting points you are making. I'm trying to process how to cross apply the general concept considering the aether as a superfluid which, far as we know, penetrates all known matter.
I must think on this for a while considering Earth as a rather unruly giant magnet. Hmm...meanwhile, I sort of get what aljhoa is trying to steer me to see, I'm just not sure that I understand it well enough just yet, but see there's more to all this and that's a matter of time and precognition. Humans can only see backwards in time and that has to be associated with how this all works; in other words, it would seem to have direct connections to phase shift as a condition of astrophysics.

In the UFO HD Image I posted you can clearly make out several features which surround the vehicle. There's bubbles and there's this blue light; a common enough artifact of UFO's. This red and blue light is visible in the magnetic field as a phase shift, but the issue is whether the vehicle is moving through space or time? I have to study this more. Seems like we are finally finding out that the so-called make believe chrono~visor might not have been quite as fictional as it's made out to be.

On the matter of physical balloons;

In 1670, a Jesuit Monk, Francis Lana, suggested an aircraft based on the principle of creating vacuum balloons in his book Prodromo dell'Arte Maestra.

Space is a vacuum, or at least near outer space is, and that's validated by a few people who've sent balloons with video onboard up to near space, or low orbit. Their balloons kept rising and only came back to earth once the balloon burst. You can see in those video that as the atmospheric pressure gives way the balloon expands till it bursts.

An obvious solution would be to have the balloon inside a very fine net which would prevent the balloon from expanding beyond it's design limit. You wouldn't think it would be all that difficult to rig up and so I have to wonder why no one has yet to try setting up their own satellite system. Spy on the spys, unmask Google Earth for example, find out if the planet is flat or a disgusting bloated beach ball.
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