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Originally Posted by v71 View Post
Let me clarify the concept of 'field', obviously its my opinion and in no way the definitive answer to this subject.
A field like described in conventional physics is a region of space interested by line of forces , the flux of these lines can be divergent or convergent calcualted respect a closed surface.
My experiments showed me that :
There is no field, only particle movement.
Magnetic 'field' is always present , it is composed of particles , the electrons moving force the magnetrons to swirls around , just like a paddle in the water, magnetrons always close the circuit generated by the electron movement, ( so no free energy motor, at least based on magnetics in my opinion ).
All matter is magnetized, because of electron spinning, an electron spinning and not moving does not causes magnetic field, an electron moving at constnat speed generates a static magnetic field, and electron accellerating causes a wave, we call electromagnetic. The electric and magnetic field can exist separated by electron mass, which apparently current electromagnetic propagation theory doesn not even consider. Gravitational field is orthogonal to electric and magnetic field, and is the variation of an electromagnetic pulse, a time derivatie of the Poyintg vector.
A definitive answer which explains a field is that a field is an omnipresent condition. A true field is one which is literally everywhere at all time. It is thought that the field which makes magnetism possible everywhere at all times is akin to a super fluid and is referred to as counter-space. Magnetism can be reproduced anywhere because it is part of a true field. Quasi fields are local and or temporal conditions; omnipresent within defined states.

Whether a magnetic field is static or moving may be understood as one useful way of seeing magnetic influence an interactions.

If electrons existed they would possess a constant motivated by the velocity of a permeating field and made variable by alterations in the Larmor Frequency.
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