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ok, so,
here is what I know about what is going on here.
many ways to tell this, but I choose the engineering one because it is practical.
ever seen what they call the near field effect of EM noise ?
we have electric noise and magnetic noise,
but this near field effect is clearly something else. you can't shield from it...
and this is what tesla looked into long ago.
it was an odd thing that happened some of the time when you turned on a high powered switch. this sometimes killed people.
the power companies solved the issue with vacuum powered remote relays...
tesla investigated this by building hardware that just turned on huge amounts of power thousands of times a second.
if driven with direct current, this is the primary of what is now known as a tesla coil. (driven with AC does not give the effect he found)
he said he could charge insulators at a distance with it and other odd things.
he said it hurt and was almost not possible to shield from (a faraday cage was well known then and did nothing to stop whatever this was)
I vote for calling it a time field, only because all the math adds up that way.
start looking at the field forces in 3 dimensions, it is well known that electricity and magnetism are right angles, but only if there is movement or change.
movement or change is also called time, and is at the 3rd right angle to the other 2 field forces.
so, flip your views and math around a bit to see this as a field force and not some sort of constant and you get a time field, or whatever you want to call it.
you can see it all over electronics when you build them,
tesla found it...
and the largest hint we get to it is this obscure idea of a near field interference made by switching power supplies.
if you look a bit deeper into the topic you start wondering what happens when you have an unequal time field. (just a hint, this is what causes gravity)
anyway, all the math adds up perfectly this way,
and you see all kinds of new things you can build with the new ideas.
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