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Hi rakarskiy, thanks for sharing.
So this reminds me of the experiment, that shows a flywheel being spun up to a certain rpm and taking 300 watts to do so.
Then when they stop the flywheel and spin it up again within a certain short time period, it only takes around 30 watts to spin it up to the same rpm.
Something within, around or a combination of both, at the heavy mass flywheel is rotated also, other than the material of the rotor itself, that is not obvious to the observer.

If we were to spin a flywheel in the center of a small families water fun pool, the water being analogous to this not obvious something that is spinning along with the flywheel.
The water in the pool would eventually be rotating at a certain velocity and would take a short time to stop rotating.
Though within that short window of time, we could spin up the flywheel with much less energy, because the water (not obvious something rotating with our flywheel) would help the flywheel to accelerate to top speed.
Though I think it is something within the space and material of the flywheel itself, that is not obvious, that is getting rotated along with the flywheel and this something carries a much greater inertia than what we add with our input.
peace love light
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