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Greetings 2 u 2 sir.
Thanx 4 keeping things lite. I took a look at your junkyard electricity thread after seeing 1 of your rotors, and thought it was pretty cool. I missed it first time round while i was out wandering in the wilderness. I wish I could find junk that cool, but over in this neck of the woods u can't even buy junk like that for love nor money. The transfer stations won't sell anything electrical, even with the cord cut off, because some one might electrocute themselves, yet they sell used knives and forks knowing that people might accidentally gauge out there eye while putting food in their mouths.

I'm not working on a microwave oven that seats six, but r in the market for a transformer or two. If I was looking for a power source 2 run a microwave I probably wouldn't stack 1000 of the contrivances, I just described in parallel to do it.

Jee if only magnetism where as easy to diode and store in a capacitor such as a flux capacitor, then we all would have moved on to time travel. Then youll be waiting longer than the weekend for the hardware store to open. maybe you could settle for 250 metric tonnes of 1mm thick aluminum pale, ......, 100 kg of bismuth, and 50 kilos of gold, (fast track the gold).

But on a slightly more serious note, my last post was about not taking all my previous posts too seriously while still trying to save face. Trust me, it's not the first time I've Botched 1 up, not to say that it was a complete waste of time. There may be some truths the discerning person can take from that. I can see from some of your builds that you're not afraid to make a departure from the norm to. To get inside the mind set of why, then maybe that could be a real lesson for me.

It's not my intention to always come across as a pompous old prick. Free the weed brother, sure is 1 of my favorite plants.

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