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Originally Posted by BroMikey View Post
So how many coils?three Does 1 core cover all the magnets top to bottomthe center magnets go over the center of the coils and the top magnets energize the above area center of coil and the bottom magnets energize the bottom portion of the coils, hence the scope screen shots of ac with positive pulsed ac and negative pulsed ac.
or will there be many many coils, one for each row? The shrink job is
nice. Thin Q

Looks like your gaps will be 3/16" using this method which is fine.
Some motors run 100-300 rpm's like a Bedini pulse motor. Or are
you going to run 3600 rpm's?I just let it run until it explodes.Then I cuss about it and watch porn.

With those magnets you have and they look like strong ones you'll be
able to pass some flux to cores. Any ideas on winding up a coil?
I was thinking about ordering some for the size of the rotor as is the alternator circuit, but I am going to build a new design.

The reason I built this cluster of crappe was to wait for my coils and such to come in the mail.
I took broken used stuff from past builds to assemble an sg Bedini to keep busy and just surround the rotor with coils I found and another I wrapped freehand to demonstrate concepts to onlookers how it doesn’t have to be perfect or expensive to make a battery charger.
This was an opportunity to show a different magnet arrangement for its output on the scope and the energies from different coils.
It is open for learning and teaching with beginners and experienced members or guests.
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