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I was thinking more along these lines phoneboy. For example, the tetrahedron is vectoring the magnetic, no question about that one, so apparently these illustrations have a basis behind them and are probably real. Also, and to my knowledge, no one realized that in recent times, and even now it's not fully realized, which was my point above where people don't see they are only using a 2D version of the magnetic gate, while the tetrahedron is a prism and a 3D shape of a 2D gate. In other words, tetrahedrons can produce propulsive force by vectoring the magnetic dielectric field, which is undoubtedly even more true if you add some juice to contraption.

Alternatively, if you spin or otherwise move that tetrahedron shape through a dipole charge field (because that looks like what it might be doing) what happens? What makes or spins up the dielectric counterspace to create a magnetic field? A magnetic field is a condensed form of counterspace and that exists everywhere at all times, but only manifests itself when torque is applied, or so that's what I've read which seems to have some sense about it.

Understand? Not that I am entirely sure I do either, but I think it sort of makes sense, and so what I surmise is that the outcome will be something like an electr0-magnetic thrust being produced which is vectored off/out of the sides of the tetrahedron shape which results in a repulsion machine. Doing a lot of guessing off the cuff on that right now.

BTW, maybe the Black Sun is just a large round magnet as well.

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