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Originally Posted by robur View Post
About Dark Matter
I respectfully decline to accept Dark Matter doesn't exist.May be it doesn't exist in a form that is commonly accepted. I say this due to a personal reason that is also a bit private and is not really for this forum.
Essentially conventional astrophysics uses dark matter as one way of explaining counterspace without admitting or explaining anything at all. It has many uses all of which are intended to keep the doors of real understanding closed.

Originally Posted by robur View Post
About Black Triangle
I don't know much about about the subject. In USSR time here was a project that my relative once told me about. It was told more like a nice story to a child. I was may be 8 at that time. He said he was working on building ''new super plane that had no wings, no jet engines, but that could fly faster then you can blink and may be go to other planets. That super-ship was powered by 4th state of matter. Which is Plasma. That was all I can remember.
May comment on this at another time but there is absolutely no doubt whatsoever that these are man made machines and in no way alien technology. In many ways these are in fact easier to understand in principle than either the Alexey or ARV.

Originally Posted by robur View Post
About Man-Made UFO
So called foo Fighters that were supposedly developed by Nazi Germany at the end of WWII. Here are a few old photographs that might be showing those. Victor Schauberger's Imploder that ran on distilled water.
Distilled Water I got from a third party conversation in 2008 with a good friend of mine who sadly died a few years later.
It's even more sad that people support politicians and the military when it's a known and demonstrated fact that they have all the information.

Originally Posted by robur View Post
So called AURORA ship or plane that might be powered by a plasma engine. That heats up mercury vapors and accelerates them to 50000 RPM or faster. This is beyond any shed workshop and also highly poisonous.

That is about that I can't add any more.
If people saw what I saw, then they would be in an uproar if they believed that technology was being withheld, but of course about 98% of em have been programmed to think it's just got to be alien. That would be easy to believe given the ox carts we are left to use and the lies the education system tells.

Originally Posted by robur View Post
About Gambeir's Camp
If that is so then I am in your camp too. Well, in the most of it. As I already stated I cannot fully agree with everything that Ken Wheeler writes

If you Tesla fan you might have heard about so called Tesla Flying Machine?
Very little if anything known about it. Supposedly it was some kind of gyroscope device or something like that. That would be in any case almost impossible to reproduce. It is even less info then Otis Carr's ship. That at last has a few diagrams.
How can a man who created the "Electron Gun" have done so by way of using a theory he didn't believe in? It's not remotely logical.

If particles existed they would have been weaponized, and because they don't they haven' been, which is why nanoparticles have been created, or at least that's one of the many reasons why.

Cause of utility pole (90 foot ones) collapse still unknown. The narrative is that possibly one or two old poles fell over and took the other 27 newer poles down. Very similar to how the world trade center collapsed as well..

Originally Posted by robur View Post
About Alien Presence.
I don't wish to get into that discussion again. I did before with my channeling infos and that just created an argument. I am not going back on anything I said in the past to you Gambeir on the forum PMS. And what I said to Spacecase0.
That is all for my comments.


P.S. I am preparing to do casting of some parts for my current project so I might not check back in a while.
Hopefully, when I check back next time I will have design for Alexey's Device Test ready to be shown.

Regarding Alexey's Device Replication And Testing
I have a question to those who are discussing this subject here.
Regarding magnetic set.

Would you think that effect could be increased in power/intensity if amount of magnets was significantly increased?

From 6 to 12 or more.
Fact is I do not know, but my gut tells me no, and that is based on Joe Parr's work and some of my own. I really cannot say without more knowledge. Right now I'd say that you're going to have to apply power. Off hand I'd say look at Brikeland Currents to see how those fields create Transport Tubes and that is the best guidance I can offer as of right now.

Adding this; Donald Scott's book the Electric Sky The Electric Sky book

The magnetic is the focused/condensed dielectric counterspatial field which is all around us everywhere. That's why you can create a magnetic field anywhere because the dielectric counterspace is everywhere at all time, because if it weren't you yourself probably would cease to exist, just guessing but I think so. Could be that's what's being depicted in Tom Cruise's terrifying version of War of the Worlds.
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