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Originally Posted by Turion View Post
Run the coil for just a couple minutes. Then put a laser thermometer on the core and then the outside of the coil. The heat begins at the core and moved outward The core, which is iron, is always hotter than the copper at the outside of the coil yet copper absorbs heat better than iron does. If it was the electricity or amps in the wire that was causing the heating problem, the end of the wire would be the same temp as the beginning since that transfer would be almost instantaneous. But that does not happen. The coil heats up from the center outward, which is why I believe it is the iron core. I could be wrong, but when I cool the core with water, the issue goes away, which ALSO leads me to my conclusion. But we all base our conclusions on the info we have. Thatís what makes research so interesting.

In this you are right, the heating of the core comes from a cent. So what exactly are the vectors of opposites of the magnetic and electric fields. But heat occurs when two magnetic resist each other. The magnetic field is inert. by dividing into zones and time intervals, heating can be avoided. This moment just went into my theory about the immateriality of the magnetic field.
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