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Here are a few video's for anyone wanting to get their minds on the
subject of how ribbon winders work and how the ribbon looks or the
wetting agent bucket being part of the process. Also the wipers after
wetting is very important, then I am sure there must be a good amount
of tension on the ribbon.

I would do it in a rounded cornered square then cut out where the
magnet goes for my "C" cores. I have not figured out how to make
straight bars yet but it is here somewhere.

if single pieces or strips are wetted and stacked you would need a
form and a stamping foot to hold pressure down on the leafs while
it dries. It has to have pressure on the ribbon after wetting to press
out the remaining glue to get one metal strip as close to the next
piece as possible.

This one crazy

Tiny spot weld is cool keeps tension

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