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I guess that must be the answer then. The core material needs to be
changed out for something factory designed or engineered. Pounding
coat hanger wire into a plastic tube is out of the question for the huge
machine. 2500 watts is nothing to sneeze at.

And your fears that if you change the cores out and you loose the old
fashion iron that it won't ever work again? Humm... naw it'll work just
go to a 400hz core material like air craft alternators use? Wait that
doesn't change, what am I thinking? I believe it uses the same iron at
400hz but I could be wrong.

Heat = waste so if you get rid of the heat you will be collecting more
energy back that the iron blocks are generating, throwing off. That
heat energy= extra energy.

I see Thanes wire and it is tough thin wire and he can get 10 amps
thru it? My God that is some special wire to do that.

The wetting agent for nanocrystalline ribbon must be as thin as possible
and you will be able to replace the iron whether it be - bee bee's in
cement or Ferrite dust in plastic, with amazing results. Yes make square
cores and use square spools or they are called bobbins. All costs.

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